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Dr. Sill, Dr. Potter, and their staff believe that the best treatment is to prevent a problem before it happens. To accomplish this we set one hour aside for each cleaning appointment. During that comprehensive appointment, our hygienist and doctors will see you to answer any questions you may have or review any issues found.

During your hour we will:

  • Review your health history and tailor treatment based on your medications and health.
  • Evaluate your mouth dryness.
  • Evaluate your blood pressure.
  • Perform a hard tissue exam, paying close attention to fractures in teeth and wear.
  • Perform a periodontal exam of tissues, charting recession, mobility, furcation involvement, bleeding points, and overall health of gum tissues.
  • Use our Intraoral Camera to magnify hard and soft tissue.
  • Take radiographs using our Digital Radiography Technology to check between teeth giving us a 3D Dimensional panograph for root, bone, and sinus review.
  • Perform an Oral Cancer Exam by closely examining internal tissues including tonsils, lips, and cheeks.
  • Perform an Extra Oral Exam which includes Temporal Mandibular joint screening and palpation of lymph nodes.
  • Perform a review of all findings with you with our unique monitor system.
  • Use a cavitation device, baking soda water jet, and hand instrumentation for removal of debris and deposits.
  • Administer periodontal treatments which include scaling, root planning, and laser treatment.
  • Discuss Instructional Home Care using hands on devices to improve and reduce future bacterial load.