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Digital Radiographs (Single and 3D)

GS Dental is committed to providing you with highest standard of dental care using the latest technology. One of the most important aspects of dentistry involves early detection of disease which minimizes the procedures and cost required to treat your individual case. Dental Radiographs (X-RAYS) are one of the tools we use for early detection of an array of issues that affect your dental health. We are committed to protecting your overall health as well as the environment. For this reason we use all digital radiographs. We offer one of the latest advancements in dental Radiography, the Three-Dimensional Radiograph. This tool allows us to examine your jaw area and plan your dental procedures with a much greater precision.



Digital Radiographs | GS Dental | Dr. Giombolini and Dr. Sill | Albuquerque, NM 87109
Three Dimensional Radiography

Our state of the art office provides a 3D Raidiograph Machine which produces a three dimensional image of your mouth and jaw area. This allows us to catch infections around the root of your teeth earlier, examine sinus and jaw joint areas and plan implants and wisdom tooth surgery with better precision and detail. This creates a safer procedure and reduces the risk of nerve damage.

By using this machine, we are able to virtually plan implants and subsequent restoration which allows us to custom order an implant the best fits your individual treatment. Three Dimensional imaging makes dental surgery safer by better identifying sensitive anatomy, i.e. nerves and tooth location.


Digital Radiographs | GS Dental | Dr. Giombolini and Dr. Sill | Albuquerque, NM 87109
Digital Radiography 

Digital Radiography uses 40% to 60% less radiation than traditional film and does not require any chemical processing which reduces our impact on the environment. Digital images can be enlarged to show more detail and help in early detection of disease.