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Cerec Same Day Full or Partial Crowns

The doctors at GS Dental have many years experience using the CEREC technology. You can be confident that you will receive the best restorations technologically possible.


We understand that your time is valuable, and using the CEREC technology we can restore your tooth in one visit. We use Ivoclar's E-max porcelain for our restorations which have a hardness roughly three times that of normal tooth enamel. Because CEREC restorations are chemically bonded to the tooth, the amount of drilling can be minimized to maintain as much natural tooth structure as possible. Studies have shown that the lifespan of a tooth is directly related to the amount natural tooth structure remaining.




Our CEREC system utilizes the latest blue ray laser camera- the most accurate and technologically advanced scanner on the market today, which creates a 3D model on which we design your new restoration.








Once the design is complete, our MCXL Milling Unit, the most technologically advanced unit, will create your restoration in 6 to 12 minutes.








After milling the restoration is checked in your mouth to ensure it fits perfectly, and then fired in a computer controlled porcelain oven which gives the restoration its remarkable strength.







CEREC dentistry has a 30-year history of providing patients quality restorations in one visit. Sirona, the creators of the CEREC, are constantly improving and updating their technology. GS Dental is committed to continually updating our technology and educating ourselves in this procedure to ensure that you get the most advanced and up to date treatment possible.


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